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Jenn Stafford is a dancer, actor and vocalist from Calgary, Canada and based in Los Angeles, California. She has been grateful to achieve a few of her biggest dreams through her work with Cirque du Soleil in "The Beatles' LOVE" and more recently while filming AVATAR 2 and 3 under the direction of James Cameron. From performing for a theatre of thousands to embodying movement for a character with hundreds of cameras catching each minuscule action and facial gesture, she continues to discover the range of her performance and depth as an artist. 

Jenn values the experience and growth provided with each opportunity she is given. The two above experiences being the most constructive for her career, knowledge and professionalism.


Jenn has gained a spectrum of experience and knowledge thus far in her career. She loves to share as much as she can with other young performers and artists, valuing youth education both in dance and empowerment.


Jenn has also performed with:

45degrees by Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles (Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr), One Night for One Drop, Life is Beautiful Festival, Honda, Supernatural (Oculus),

Katy Perry, WINNER, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Young, PEARL the show (Danny Ezralow), A Week Away (2021 Netflix)

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